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FRANCHISING AUSTRALIA - John Newton - Founder of Jumping J Jays


“I know you will succeed by following my system” says John Newton Founder of Jumping J-Jays. “I am so confident, I am offering you a first year turnover guarantee in your contract!”

“I encourage you to research Australia’s incredible franchising industry. There are many opportunities to start your own small business with the support of many leading franchise systems. As a franchisor, I am committed to providing support and leadership to help my franchisees succeed.”

“My $100,000 guarantee is designed to ensure you follow my franchise system. I know our local area marketing works so if you do not make $100,000 turnover in your first franchise year, I will personally write you a cheque for the difference!”

Franchise investment for 30 themes varies between $45,000 and $55,000.


Call John Newton on 1300 CASTLE that’s 1300 227 853 in Australia

The next step is a confidential and personal chat about your goals.
A full information kit is available.

Here is what some of our franchisees are saying!

"... tired of doing the same thing every day, why not break up the routine? While working part-time in your day job, then investing in your own business could be a whole lot more rewarding with Jumping J-Jays."

"...my husband and I still both work full time, and we have 4 kids! Last year we had sales of $190,000+."

"...sick of the 9-5 routine? Why not look at a Jumping J-Jays franchise. Only requires 3 days a week to operate, and gives you the opportunity to do some part time work elsewhere."


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